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Quality Control


Quality Control

With a philosophy dedicated strictly to quality, we ensure that this value characterises our products, our people, our relations with our partners, and our services.
The company has a Quality Control Department, which oversees that all procedures are adhered to. We invest in the exceptional quality of the ingredients that we use while there are controls at each production stage, in accordance with the strict standards.

The Portokalidis Family implements certified food safety standards in accordance with ISO 22000:2005 and the IFS Food Standard. In this way, we can guarantee the excellent quality and safety of the products that we sell.


with an eye…

on the next generation

Our company’s quality control and research department, with an eye on creating innovative products with a high nutritional value based on Greek traditional products, creates new products oriented towards young people …

we are making your ideas

a reality

We can make products tailored to our customers’ needs and create “flexible” products that always fulfil high quality standards. We have the desire and ability to support the large and small companies and networks with which we collaborate, while preserving the values of a true family…