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Νέα Προϊόντα

New products

Handmade pie with graviera cheese and a prize!!!

The Portokalidis Family took part in the competition held in April with its Handmade Graviera Cheese Pie, for which it received the Superior Taste Award 2016 with two gold stars. This award is a major recognition of the product’s value and superior flavour. This great achievement brought much pride to the company as well as motivation to continue its upward path, both in Greece and internationally. To see all the new products and necessary information, click on «More».

a pie…

…with an international award

The International Taste and Quality Institute (iTQi), based in Brussels, is the leading organisation dedicated to tasting and promoting superior food and drink products from all over the world. The judges are selected from the 16 most prestigious European culinary and sommeliers associations in Europe and the Superior Taste Award is a unique international recognition of quality products.