Company Profile


Company profile

The Portokalidis Family is a contemporary Greek food company. It was born in Thessaloniki in June 2011, in a spirit of innovation, passion and new ideas, making the vision of creating a new pastry products company a reality.

In addition to manufacturing, it also distributes and sells bread and puff pastry products, exporting similar products and foods, and also supplies stores, large hotels, canteens, restaurant chains, etc.

The Portokalidis Family, with the experience and knowledge it has gained through its years-long dedication to the field of pastries and puff pastry, is an innovative company that invests, supports growth and creates jobs, offering tasty and delicious products.

It designs products based on the values and principles of family tradition. It always seeks excellent quality during the selection of its ingredients and suppliers, as well as in the manufacturing process and in the distribution of the products to the market.

The continuous emphasis on innovation and investment in ideas, people, recipes and production methods is a permanent goal for all those working at the Portokalidis Family.